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Jupiter entered Pisces on January 18th and since about six weeks ago, Jupiter and Uranus have been traveling together in conjunction. These powerful planets of change have been especially affecting Pisces folks,[/url], obviously, as well as Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Cancer and Scorpio. I personally have been interested because I have them in my own sign, Cancer, in my birth chart. Not in conjunction, but close enough and they influence my life and personality. Jupiter conjuncts my Sun and Uranus conjuncts my Mercury, and rules my Aquarius ascendant. They currently are trine to my midheaven so I’ve been waiting for the big kahuna to arrive. In any case, change is in the wind.
Some specific traits of these two planets are as follows: Jupiter brings expansion,[url=]nmd adidas
, opportunity, job changes, financial aid, business development, travel, over-indulgence, exuberance and optimism. Uranus brings sudden events,[/url], radical change,[url=], technology, electricity, storms, upheaval and revolution. With Uranus, expect the unexpected. Your plans are going to change. Since I mentioned the midheaven, this is an important angle of the chart, the 10th house, which indicates career, ambition, political power, authority, public image, public life as opposed to the private sector.
A new development came up for me in April, which concurs with the promises of Jupiter and Uranus. I’ve been unemployed since last June. I saw it coming. I’m sure I was laid off because the universe has other plans for me. On April 8th I saw the listing on the Internet for Examiner writers. I applied right away. Saturn retrograde moved into 29º Virgo that day, sextile to my midheaven 28º Scorpio, opposite Uranus 27º Pisces, which in turn is trine to my midheaven. Something good always happens to me with Saturn, which is very strange. I’ll discuss that in a future article. On April 18th I posted my first article on I’ve been given a great opportunity to write about astrology, my bastard child who has been screaming for attention. Since January 2009 I have been publishing a monthly forecast on the Internet, Celestial Navigation,[/url], but this is a whole new vista for me. Also note that Uranus rules the Internet!
When Jupiter and Uranus move together into Aries in early June, Aries people will see the change and excitement described above, as well as Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo and Sagittarius. In particular, people born just after March 21,[url=]
, June 21, September 21 and December 21 will notice crazy things happening from now until September. Jupiter will cruise through Aries in about a year but Uranus will stay for seven years and have a longer influence. Make the most of this time and embrace the changes. This is going to be a very interesting summer!
For further remarks about this major conjunction, see Celestial Navigation for May and June (posted on June 1).

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